With roots dating back to 1890, la Maison Armorial has always offered Haute Papeterie and classic leathergoods to Parisian society. In both 1959 and 1960, Armorial was rewarded the Médaille de la Ville de Paris for an “outstanding contribution to the Capital” and soon attracted an unmatched clientele of the famous, the distinguished and the discerning.

Even though it started out as quintessentially Parisian, Armorial is now international and serves an ever-widening range of customers from all over the world.

In today’s fast paced and increasingly digital world, the personal touch can make all the difference to a relationship whether with a client, colleague, a friend or loved one.

As it has for over a century, Armorial continues to support the art of writing and corresponding by providing a fine selection of bespoke stationery, writing instruments/accessories and leather goods.

Commitment to craftsmanship, quality and meticulous service has made Armorial a leading purveyor of beautiful stationery and writing accessories. Since its origins, the company has developed its knowledge and expertise of fine printing techniques and gained a thorough understanding of the vast array of papers that are available. Armorial’s expert consultant and design teams will work with you throughout the creative and production process to ensure the finest level of detail is covered.